Why is it that at 26, I am expected to: have dated the same guy for a minimum of two years, preferably someone of the same race and religion, holds down a predictable job with a steady paycheck, drives an imported car (his own)? or even better, expected to have convinced someone to spend the

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 Go on. He coaxed with a voice like warmed honey, hand at the small of my back, nudging me closer and closer to the edge. I asked begged him to please give me some time. It is all going too fast and I really want to do this right. And no, I wasn’t acting coy. We

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For you, I will go the distance that would rival any Herculean effort, flown straight to the sun and put Icarus to shame. I will move mountains with a teaspoon, brave the depths of an ocean of doubt to convince you that I am different from the ones before. I will fight tooth and nail with

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