I spent so many nights convincing a boy to love me. To affirm that I am:   beautiful. but not in an intimidating way friendly. but not too friendly that I come across as easy quirky. but in a unique, rather than a socially awkward kinda way ambitious. almost stubborn in my goals yet grounded

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The next time you try to look for love in the dark, fumbling for it in a sea of bodies under the strobe lights, The next time you try to drink someone interesting or have one too many that you no longer cared, The next time you try to get over someone by getting beneath another, The next

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Little Red Dot.

I miss Singapore. I miss its painful efficiency, the way that three working days really means three working days. I miss the pace, the fact that everyone seems to always be in a perpetual hurry – even during the weekends. I miss the safe roads and peace of mind – knowing that I can walk

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