The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.

Keep In Touch.

You know, I keep thinking you’d call. That those g&t’s you quaff night after night will make you feel something – anything at all.   I keep thinking you’d call.   But it’s been three weeks since I last heard from you, and I want so badly to say that I am surprised, but I

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  When I was 6, I wanted the seemingly impossible – I wanted to be an astronaut, a rock star, a princess! I was willing to give up my favourite Barbie doll for the chance to be locked up briefly (and rescued swiftly).   When I was 16, I wanted the seemingly impossible – I

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9 Crimes.

You think that you are being judged for the crime of cheating. You think my leaving is a punishment but darling, I am not here to crucify you on the cross of infidelity. For your crimes were long before you stayed that night.   Your first crime was that you should have called me when you were

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