How To Kill A Man**

First you would need a strategic location.

Now you might be thinking somewhere private, quiet. 

But you’re wrong. 

Execute your plan in a public area. Just in case your victim refuses to let go, refuses to die. 

Think along the lines of a coffee shop. Starbucks perhaps.  Somewhere public yet private enough for conversation.

Buy a cup of something that neither of you will drink.

Sit down, try to to find that elusive comfortable spot on that chair. Breathe.

Now your weapon of choice. I would personally suggest the famed double edged sword. Classic. Perfect for a job of this nature.

Start with small incisions, a light graze. Deep enough to sting, perhaps draw blood. Not much. Just enough.

Repeat this as many times as you deem necessary. Reopen old wounds, create new ones. Strike where you know it would hurt most. 

Watch him shift uncomfortably there in his seat. Know full well that it’s not the chair that’s stressing him out, it’s you. Watch his shoulder slump; as if he has lost even the most basic motivation to hold himself up. Watch his face crumple and leak in ways you did not think was possible. 

Now give him a moment of reprieve. Soothe his wounds. With your words, your touch. He would have questions. Let him ask them.

What happens after this?

Will it hurt?


Answer them. But realistically. The last thing you would want is to allow the slightest glimmer of hope to ruin all the hard work you’ve put in. 

Now we are at the crescendo, the grand finale. Now is when you shall deliver the final blow – the coup de grâce if you may. 

Kiss him. Know full well that if you let it linger, it’ll dawn upon him that this is the last time he would ever feel your lips on his. This is the last time he would be able to breathe you in, hold you close, this is the last time for everything.

Now walk away. Don’t look back as you step out of his car. Don’t try to catch one final glimpse of his taillights as he pulls away.

And whatever you do, don’t regret your decision. 

Congratulations, you’ve just killed a man. 

**This guide is not responsible for any damage that may be inflicted on the user during the process of execution. Use with caution and only if there’s no other way.

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