She shouldn’t – she knew that.

The gods have told her that countless of times – too many times actually. But she had to know what’s inside.

What’s so terrible that it has to be contained in a box as such?

She knew that the gods each put something in. But what could it be?


Perhaps a tiny peek? Just a quick one. They wouldn’t even know. Just one peek and she’ll never touch the box again.

So opened the box she did, and out came the plagues of mankind – mischief, sorrow and innumerable misfortunes. In terror, she slammed the lid down, but it was too late.

However, there was one good thing that was in that box. Silver-eyed Athena, ever so wise, had put Hope into the box, alongside with the many evils.

Thereafter, Hope remained mankind’s sole comfort in misfortune. 


Hope is the reason why you keep by the phone every night, waiting for her to call.

Hope is the reason why you bleed for her when she thirst and set yourself alight should she need light.

Hope is the reason why you’d make a fool of yourself

Hope is the reason why you will forgo you, to have her

Hope is the reason why you keep texting her, knowing full well she’ll never reply.

Hope is the reason why you stalk her on every social platform to see if she’s mentioned you

Hope is the reason why you keep every letter, every message, every photo.

Hope is the reason why you still love her even when she’s someone else’s.

Hope. Stupid, pointless, futile Hope.


Athena, Hope is a horrible, horrible thing to put into Pandora’s Box.



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