I was lying on my favourite spot; right beneath your neck, on your chest.

Your heart beat against the pulse on my head, every thump in sync.
You have one arm around me, your fingers absent-mindedly play with my hair.
What’s your greatest fear?
That’s easy. My mother.
I’m serious. 
You propped yourself up looking down on me, fingers still playing with my hair.
Tell me, so I can protect you from it.
I am afraid that one day you will just wake up and realise that you don’t love me anymore.
You laughed, gathered all of me in your arms, kissed me on the forehead.
Silly girl. That will never happen. How can I live without you?

You promise? 
Forever. I love you, B. 

But baby, I don’t blame you.
How could you have protected me from you?

I care not for the monsters ‘neath my bed,
only the ones inside my head. 

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  1. Julia Ahmad 25th November 2014 on 1:28 pm Reply

    Sweetie the words you have written truly have spoken what was in my mind. Beautiful writing.

    • iaremunyee 3rd December 2014 on 8:45 am Reply

      Dear Julia

      Your comment is too kind. Thank you for reading.


  2. Eugene Tham 21st May 2015 on 8:15 pm Reply

    How could I stay when it was you who wanted to leave? I promised to stay with you forever but I couldn’t bring myself to continue when your each and every of your body languages tells me that I’m unwelcomed. Auf wiedersehen.

    • Eugene Tham 21st May 2015 on 8:17 pm Reply

      In case of misunderstanding, I’m not the monster that the author’s talking about. Just walking down my memory lane.

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