The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.



Do you know what happens when you get into a relationship?


What you are essentially doing is giving this one person – not a particularly special person, mind you, not breathtakingly good looking or particularly intelligent. Just your typical run-of-the-mill girl or boy whom you share one or two benign interests with (like how unlikely is it to find someone who loves reading! I haz found the one!).

And unto this mere being, you’ve bestowed him or her with the power to control you.

Everything from the words you say, the clothes you wear, the things you do, down to the way you feel.

With just a spoken word or simple gesture, they now have the ability to make you trip over your own words and blush crimson. The sight of them causes an entire species of butterflies to migrate to your stomach and for some reason, though you can’t learn formulas or theories for your final exam, you’ve gotten their face memorised.

You would do anything to put a smile on their faces. What is it that you want? A rock from the moon? The constellations rearranged to spell your name? Just say the word baby, just say the word.

Perhaps you would change the way you dress – summer dresses floats his boat? She is a briefs rather than boxers type of girl? Considered it done. You like it when I sound like a pirated DVD seller? I’ll chingchongching my way into your heart.

But with great power comes great responsibility.


Now this one person has the means to make you sad as well – to make you worry when they don’t reply your texts or pick up that phone call. They can disappoint because you expected more, so so much more from them.  And though they may use the same words as others – theirs would cut, burn, and maim you far worse than anyone ever could.

Congratulations. You are in a relationship.

You have given this humble, mere human being power over you.

Power to make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time.

And also to break it beyond repair.


Congratulations again.

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