What To Do When The World Ends.

1. Spend part of it with your family. Not go into a full blown confession session – imagine the world didn’t come to an end and you have to explain yourself after. Rather, just be in each other’s presence. Share a meal, talk about the good times, laugh at the bad. Tell them that you love them in every way possible. Kiss and hug them in public. Tell your sibling that they are the best thing that your parents have ever given you even if they are a pain sometimes. 

2. Go to your best friend’s house. Watch a bad movie, eat too much junk food. Laugh loudly at stupid things. Hit on that hot guy/girl at the mall. Take a million photos. Upload them on Facebook, un-Photoshopped and all.  Tell them that you appreciate their friendship, that they are the siblings that God forgot to give you.

3. If you have a boy/girlfriend, ask them out. Hold them close, kiss them on their forehead. Take them to your favorite places. Tell them that you love them too many times. Tell it to strangers, to anyone who care to listen. Memorize them. Every minute, insignificant detail. Hold their heart in your hands, hang their names on your lips. Make memories. If you must have sex, do.

4. Alternatively, tell someone how you really feel. Wear your heart on your sleeve for once. Suck it up. Grow a pair. No flowery words. No fan-fare. Just a simple confession. Say it like you mean it – not as a means of easing the burden you’ve carried around but rather a privilege. And it isn’t important whether or not they feel the same. It is more important that today, you are brave. 

5. Find your enemies. Whether it is that bully in high school or that mean boss at work. Go up to them and tell them how you really feel. You may swear if it adds to the conversation. Tell them that although they’ve made your life miserable, that you’ve managed to make the best out of it. And once you’ve said your piece, forgive them – and mean it this time. 

6. Find the people you’ve wronged. Say that you’re sorry from the bottom of your heart. Ask for forgiveness, a second chance. Not all of them will forgive you. But that’s not important. It is more important that today, you’re admitting your mistakes. 

7. Do something good. Give back. It doesn’t have to be big or involving large sums of money. Do something for a complete stranger for nothing in return. Hold open a door, give up a seat, donate spare change, clothes. Pay for someone’s meal. Smile at everyone. Pat someone on the back, say words of encouragement. 

8. Do the things that you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s a phone call or an overdue visit. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to finish that book or watch that movie. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get that hair cut or redeem that spa voucher. Whatever it may be, do it today. 

9. Now go do things you’ve always wanted to do. It could be bungee jumping or scuba diving. It could be that restaurant you’ve always walked past and wanted to dine in. Or  buying that impractical dress or pair of shoes. Maybe you want to be part of a flash mob or do something outrageous in public. Perhaps its admitting that you’re a Bieliber. Do all the things that you’ve been coming up with excuses not to do. 

10. And once all is said and done, find a place where you can be alone. Away from the pings and vibrations of your too many screens. Perhaps its a quiet cafe or your very own bedroom.  Get your favorite drink and don’t count the calories. Sit and list all the things that you are grateful for. All the experiences and people that have touched your life. Be thankful for you. For all the imperfections that make you uniquely you. 

11. Re-read this list. And realize that  you can do all of it whether or not the world ends next week.

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