The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.

Morning Routine.


Wake up to hit the snooze button.

Wake up again.

Properly. Officially. Already-late to wherever I am going.

Reach across to what used to be your side of the bed to find empty sheets.

Check the phone just in case you had changed your mind.


Perform typical bodily functions.

Wonder how one can go to bed with minty fresh breath and wake up with a mouth like the anus of Satan.

Toothpaste on toothbrush. Remember how it used to drive you mad that I would squeeze from the middle of the tube instead of the bottom?

Cry in the shower so no one can see my tears #drake

Shave. Just kidding. Who am I trying to impress?


Paint the face to look like me but better.

Clothes and practical underwear. Leave that pushup bra to gather dust for another day.

Practice smiling and lines in front of the mirror:

I am fine.

No. I don’t miss him.

I am fine. Really, I am.

Brace self for more:

I thought you two were getting married! What happened?

Where’s your boyfriend?

Why did you come back alone?


Right before I cross the threshold of my room to face the world,

I snuff that little flame of hope and beat down every optimistic thought of you coming back.



I have lost count of how many days it has been since you left.

And while this stupid heart of mine continues to beat a hundred a thousand times a day,

I know that not a single one of yours is for me anymore.


Is it wrong?
To keep hoping that he would trip and fall back in love?

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  1. Mae Chia 13th May 2016 on 7:05 pm Reply

    Hi dear! It’s been close to 2 yrs since I first read your blog about your break-up. I hardly have time for Fb but today again I stumbled on your blog.
    Honey, I’m not sure if you’re still referring to the same guy who ditched you 2 yrs ago, but if it is, my heart goes out to you.
    Pull urself outta it girl. Move on. Ppl like this don’t deserve you. You deserve someone better n trust me that guy will appear one day soon. So cheer up ya!

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