An Honest Resume.

Lau Mun Yee

Still lives with parents (and will
remain so until I get this job)
019 *** ****
[email protected]


Personal Statement
I am a graduate from an overpriced private
university. I am flexible, dependable, driven, determined, hardworking, and
passionate, willing to learn, humble, creative, possess initiative and
leadership skills. I am also very good in coming up with adjectives. I am
looking for a full time position in your company where I will be underpaid and overworked.

I have an Arts degree because I am not smart enough to take up engineering or medicine.
I am also terrible in Maths. I major in Psychology because that is as close to a certified doctor as I can get.
I graduated with a 2.5 CGPA because I remember someone telling me that in life, grades don’t matter.

Work Experience
I worked during my summer break because words like ‘holiday’, ‘vacation’ and ‘relax’ do not exist in my Asian parents’ vocabulary. At a publishing house, I stare blankly at a monitor for hours and pretended to work only when a superior walked past. My work hazards include paper cuts and typos.

I talk too much. Sometimes I go on stage to do that and people give me certificates and
trophies to shut me up.
I am always the President in clubs/organizations because I enjoy telling people what to do.
I do public confessions of love.
I do flash mobs.

I cook, clean and chauffeur.
I can Photoshop away pimples and increase girth/cup size.
I write three thousand word essays in one night without any coffee.
I can spend hours online prowling viral videos, stalking my ex’s profile and downloading illegal material.
I almost always find a way to end up in the weird part of Youtube.
I speak fluent sarcasm and English with a fake accent.
I am a people person when intoxicated.

Expected Salary
As a fresh graduate with skills not relevant to the position I am asking for, I will work for no less than RM2500. Trust me. I am Asian and I will always give you best price.


To whom it may concern,

I would be most grateful if you can find a suitable position for me. In fact my parents and the extended family will be grateful too. I can be reached via mobile or email after 12.30 pm. Any time before that I will be sleeping. I am ready to start work after my 21st birthday hangover (December 2012).


I look forward and fervently pray for your favorable reply.
Lau Mun Yee





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  1. Mr.Heck 8th December 2012 on 10:05 am Reply

    Where is the like button to this? XD

    • iaremunyee 8th December 2012 on 1:53 pm Reply

      haha thank you. you re too kind!

      you can +1 it on Google, tweet or Facebook share it :) Support support :)

  2. Jeremy 10th December 2012 on 11:22 am Reply


  3. Lim Waiwai 1st February 2013 on 7:19 am Reply

    Nice one!! But is all the information shown are true?

    • iaremunyee 1st February 2013 on 4:19 pm Reply

      Thanks Wai Wai!

      Most of it is! :)

  4. edwinsiew 7th June 2013 on 1:20 am Reply

    this is epic!!!

  5. roman lee 9th April 2015 on 7:12 am Reply

    a very sincere and humble girl. a girl who like to do house chores even with high educations. i will help if i hav the available sourcse. wish to be your friend.

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