I Am.


I am your favourite pair of pyjamas.

The one so faded that you can no longer make out the artwork at the front. The one with a tear in the sleeve you keep forgetting to mend.

The one that has gotten so loose with time and use.

The one that you should probably throw out, replace but never do.

Because I am comfortable, familiar, safe.


I am your favourite midnight supper – the kind that is bad for you but you just can’t say No.

I am the reason why you would take ninja steps to sneak out of your house in the middle the night to get your fix – like a bad habit you can’t break.

I am the one you devour with hasty hands and a careless mouth – I am your guilty pleasure, your favourite sin.

And one might think that you love me for all I am to you.

But wait, there’s more.


I am the favourite pair of pyjamas that you wear to bed only when no one’s around.

The one that you leave crumpled, forgotten on the floor when you leave hastily in the morning.


I am the favourite midnight supper that leaves you feeling guilty right after.

The one that you rid of all evidence of what had happened the night before.


Like a dirty secret, I can’t be seen.

When just hours before, your tongue was writing poetry on my skin.

I know all your friends by name, but we will never be introduced.

I will never meet your parents because for some reason, you are never quite sure enough about me.

I am the vampire promises you make that will never see daylight, the professions of love you can only say in the dead of the night.

I am the accusation you would always deny.


I am neither here nor there, always stuck in between good and not good enough.


I am all that but at the same time, I am not.

You tell me that you love me only when no one is listening.

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  1. Markius Scales 27th July 2015 on 3:06 am Reply

    The power people have over us at times can be so dangerous to our own well being and we would blindly accept the pain when love is involved.

  2. Mae Chia 27th July 2015 on 12:09 pm Reply

    Just goes to show that this person doesn’t deserve you!

  3. tweetybird 27th July 2015 on 9:04 pm Reply

    love it, so touched with ur writings.

  4. A 28th July 2015 on 4:49 am Reply

    Your work always moves me. The chill of recognition of those same feelings I’ve had myself, far too frequently. Your words are eloquent and beautiful.

    You deserve to find your true love and true soulmate, who will cherish you and nourish your hunger for love and affection, that you’re so clearly very worthy of.

  5. Jack 2nd August 2015 on 9:10 pm Reply

    This is very well written.

  6. Anonymous Bunny 2nd August 2015 on 11:47 pm Reply

    Hey I just happened to read this when I’m encountering the same problem. It’s relatable to me and all I would like to tell is; you know well if he is the right guy but somehow you hold onto the glimpse of hope you see but hey these hopes are shackling you. Move on, if he doesn’t take you seriously because you ain’t happy.

  7. Gettin' Enough of This 3rd August 2015 on 10:36 am Reply

    Many months ago I was attracted to your blog because of your prose and your ability to write in a manner that really touches one’s heart.

    I came back frequently for updates for a couple of weeks, and then once in a while every few weeks, and then eventually when I do remember.

    But obviously, months down the road you are STILL writing about the same topic on how you got dumped, continually insinuating in albeit a poetical manner what a scumbag he is and how badly he’d hurt you.

    Of course, I’ve got no doubts the above are all true. But it just feels like you are continuing to milk responses and sympathy and comments simply because such topics can solicit feedback, even when there’s already someone else in your life. Seriously, stop being such a drama queen and get a move on already. Aren’t you tired of perpetually writing with that amount of negative energy around you? Or maybe not as you rub your hands in glee wondering how many comments your post will get you this time.

    I just can’t deal with all that moping around and self-pity and “I’m so poor thing” buncha crap, so I’m gonna spend my reading moments on the better things and people in life. Thanks for the read so far and I wish you well.

    • Brenda 13th August 2015 on 1:04 am Reply

      Why can’t she write about it? Certain experiences leave a very deep mark on people and sometimes the only way to truly move on is to express it somewhere. Besides, she writes beautifully and her diction is flawless. If you don’t like it you can read something else and not post comments here about how she’s milking for sympathy with her writing. Many readers here find familiarity and are touched with her writing. YOU should get off your high horse, miss ‘gettin enough of this’

  8. sil. Sepulveda 4th August 2015 on 5:15 am Reply

    I say i love u. . U just dont listen. I say it for everyone to hear. Ilove u

  9. Optical Illusion. | iaremyne. 7th February 2017 on 12:46 am Reply

    […] calls you his dirty little secret, bestows it unto you like a title you should be proud […]

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