It’s Complicated.

Perhaps if I changed it to ‘its complicated’, it’d be better.

It sounds mysterious, perhaps people will think that I am reevaluating my sexual preferences or perhaps I am into horses and cups now. 

It sounds as if I have too many options to pick from and that I can’t make up my mind, that there are honorable men fighting amongst themselves to be with me, hence the complication. 

It sounds as if I’ve moved on, happy, carefree, nonchalant about something as trivial as a relationship.

Perhaps if I changed it to ‘its complicated’, it’ll make it more bearable to be single. 

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  1. Anonymous 13th October 2012 on 6:04 pm Reply

    Being nonchalant is the key -sun

  2. iaremunyee 14th October 2012 on 11:40 am Reply

    But one can't totally be nonchalant.

  3. Anonymous 14th October 2012 on 1:51 pm Reply

    ah, one only needs to appear as such

  4. iaremunyee 15th October 2012 on 5:15 am Reply

    Ignorance is bliss, no?

  5. Anonymous 16th October 2012 on 4:01 pm Reply

    wilful ignorance will destroy even the greatest of us. But scars are meant to be hidden and only shown to the ones most deserving.

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