A Little Prayer for Ah Bi.

Dear God,

Please keep Ah Bi safe; en route and throughout the entire time that he is there.

In times of need and despair, when the world seems too daunting and when he thinks that all hope is lost, may he turn to You. Let him see that no adversity is greater than You.

Let him seek wisdom and guidance from You and may You grant him the ability to make intelligent choices.

Especially when it comes to intoxicating substances and narcotics.


Give him the capacity to love, but even more so, to forgive. May You lead him to success in everything that he chooses to pursue, but never let it get to his head. May You clothe him in humility, kindness and gratitude. Guard the two edged sword that is his tongue, to withhold judgement but to always be generous with encouragements and positivity.

Give him friends who will be his cheerleaders (cheerleaders notwithstanding) and support systems. Let him make friends with everyone and not be a bully.

For it is legal to own a gun in Canada.


And if it is Your will that he should have a girlfriend, let him look beyond the size of her chest and into her heart.

I pray that he never forgets his family and friends back home and that he is and will always be dearly missed.


Thank You for the wonderful person, brother, friend and son that he is.

What a gift, and what a blessing you have given me in all these years of being able to love and to be loved by him.

I know I have been praying for much too much, and that I am not very good at it. But these words are all I have and I trust that You will hear them.

I lift my brother into Your hands, because no matter how much I love him, his safety and happiness is far beyond the geographical boundaries of my human abilities.

I can be rest assured that he is in the best of hands.







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