You make me want to turn back time, reset the sun, reverse the moon’s tide. You make me wish I had a time machine so your car would pull back into my driveway and you would knock on my door again. Rewind the movie so I can feel your arms around me. Rehold my hand,

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A Little Prayer for Ah Bi.

Dear God, Please keep Ah Bi safe; en route and throughout the entire time that he is there. In times of need and despair, when the world seems too daunting and when he thinks that all hope is lost, may he turn to You. Let him see that no adversity is greater than You. Let him seek wisdom and

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Ah Bi.

You are leaving next week. Wasn’t it just yesterday that you started the eight month long visa application process to the University of British Columbia? If I had known how quickly time flies, I would’ve crippled it’s wings. For the longest time I refused to think or talk about it. I refused to believe that it could possibly happen; that

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