The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.

Thank You.


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How do I thank you, when you took the time out of the whirlwind of your working and study lives to drop me a message through email or Facebook?

How do I thank you, when you spared a moment at home, at work or during your commute to craft messages filled with words of encouragement and kindness, peppered with motivational quotes and Bible verses?

How do I thank you, when you tell me that the musings of a gloriously unemployed 23 year old made you laugh aloud, brought tears to your eyes?

How do I thank you, when you tell me of your own heartbreaks, your triumphs, and your struggles; that you trust a complete stranger to say, “I’m going through the same thing too.”

How do I thank you, when you leave a nasty comment comparing my writing to stale bread or charkueyteow (dontknowifcomplimentorinsult) and accusing me of orchestrating the heartbreak to manipulate the masses?

How do I thank you, when I get as many followers requests as I do for game invitations to play Pirate King?

How do I thank you, when you so generously offer yourself to fill the gap that my ex had left behind?

(Thank you for generous offers of pictures of your manhood, perhaps next time!)

How do I thank you, when you tell me to follow my dreams, to not stop writing, that you can’t wait to read more?

When my heart was broken three months ago, I felt the usual motions of unrequited love; but even more so, I felt worthless.

I know that it takes two to fall in love, two to make it work and the very same to fall apart, but I can’t help but wonder if he was perfect, then surely I am the wrong in the equation. I spent way too long scrutinising every inch of me, cross examining every flaw to determine the reason why he didn’t love me anymore.

But in the past two days that this post went viral, every Facebook Like and Share a virtual pat on the back, an electronically transmitted whisper of encouragement, of support – I no longer look in the mirror and find something worthless looking back.

You said that my post gave you courage, tugged at your heartstrings, moved you.

But it is your honesty and kindness that disarmed me, your positivity that restored my faith that life is beautiful, made me realize that beauty can be found even in the fractures of a broken heart.

You believed in me when I myself didn’t.

Dear virtual friend,

I do not know you.

I do not know your stories.

But it is because of you that I continue writing mine.


Thank you.

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  1. Anonymous 25th November 2014 on 5:31 pm Reply

    i find you write what my heart cannot express. much love from me to you.
    ❤, janice

    • iaremunyee 3rd December 2014 on 2:43 pm Reply

      Thank you Janice.

      I hope you are well.

  2. Chun Keat 26th November 2014 on 12:23 am Reply

    Dear Datin,
    You are welcome.
    A cup of coffee will do, oh and probably a small piece of cake too. XD

    P/s: you forgot to thank those who left a msg while sitting on a toilet bowl, ops, definitely not me. :p

  3. Gypsy On The Move 26th November 2014 on 2:33 am Reply

    I hope you continue writing those beautiful entries! :)

    • iaremunyee 3rd December 2014 on 2:42 pm Reply

      Thank you :) Ill do me best!


  4. Vasellia Subhash 27th November 2014 on 6:44 am Reply

    Don't think I've ever left a comment on anyone's blog before! But I am compelled to do so on yours, especially since I got out of an 8 year relationship some time ago and your entries jolted a distant memory. You definitely have a way with words and I look forward to future posts, especially those laced with stories of rising in love and success.

    • iaremunyee 3rd December 2014 on 2:43 pm Reply

      Dear Vasellia,

      Thank you for your sweet message.

      May the future bring more beautiful, happier memories to you.


  5. Anonymous 6th December 2014 on 4:48 pm Reply

    Hey Mun Yee!

    I know a million people have probably said it already but first I'd like to just try and address the difficulties that you've been going through by giving you the cliche "time really does heal all wounds" and that things will pick up. I’ve skimmed through (stalking sounds more dodgy and less pc lol) your posts below and I think you're extremely gifted at writing (and quite the joker). The way you express your emotions as well as your method of writing truly makes it relatable (maybe because I'm just getting out from kind of a similar situation but hey ho) and kinda gets you hooked. hahah. In other words, you managed to produce a piece from a feeling that many have experienced but have failed to articulate. I don’t wanna sound like a creep but good remedies for now would be event-filled days with friends and good food. I think I overdid the latter so be careful lol. Yikes, sorry for the long ramble. I normally don’t write but thought I'd leave a note…which turned out to be an essay. Hope things pick up fast and you carry on writing!

    A fatty.

    • iaremunyee 6th December 2014 on 5:08 pm Reply

      Hello you.

      Thank you for that ramble or long post or what I deem to be a super sweet and thoughtful comment. You are so kind to take the time to write all of that for me. Thank you for your kind words, I have always wanted to be read and appreciated and its readers like you that makes it an activity I look forward to.

      I know time will heal all wounds. Just the damn thng is taking its own sweet time haha. But I will survive.

      And with regards to the eating bit, my mamma told me dont worry about your size. That boys like a little more booty to hold at night.


    • Anonymous 11th December 2014 on 7:50 pm Reply

      Haha when I was going thru similar feelings, random messages from people made quite a big difference. So I thought I'd try the same. Ooh, also enjoyed your latest post but chin up yeah?

      Hahah and about mama telling me not to worry about my size, being an Asian boy, I dont think mama would be too happy if boys were holding my booty at night. Perhaps girls like a little more tummy to play with at night? Lol lame I know. Take care and looking forward to your next post!


  6. Iqa:) 6th December 2014 on 7:38 pm Reply

    Exactly! Pirate king invitations! Finally someone mentioned about it *face palm* oh thats a compliment of course. Witty and humour. Hats off :D

  7. Anonymous 9th December 2014 on 2:27 am Reply

    hey there!.

    once in a lifetime, you are bound to meet setbacks and obstacles. However, these are actually part of your growing up stage. You are always growing up and will always be having obstacles coming your way. However, as you overcome each of them, remember to keep your head and spirits high up. Embrace all obstacles that comes in your way and count them as blessings that these are things that only you yourself can experience it and no one else will replace you. No doubt there will be a point where you will feel like giving up. But before you do, always think back how you managed to overcome all your other problems in the past. If you can do it the last round, you sure can do it this time round and you sure gonna get wiser and stronger each time. Love yourself before loving others. i am very sure you have best friends standing by you too! All the way, woman! You can do it and will be successful in the days to come!

    3 Cheers to you!!

  8. Anonymous 29th January 2015 on 2:45 pm Reply

    I am jealous of you…how can u write so beautifully? I wanna be a writer I can even write a short story…nor do i hv feelings to describe…other than maybe anger …bt thats nt sth worth sharing

    • iaremunyee 29th January 2015 on 3:41 pm Reply

      Hello Anonymous,

      Thank you for your kind compliment!

      Well writing is like a muscle, all you need is practice. I have been writing for 7 years about everything under the sun.

      What matters isn't that people read it, more of the very fact that you do.

      I hope that one day, I will be able to read your stories. :)

  9. Jocelyn 9th April 2015 on 12:35 pm Reply

    Hi I came across your blog thru a link from Facebook and I couldn’t stop reading. Even if its expired posts, your writing moved me and I like your words. Keep writing and stay strong and don’t stop loving. xoxo

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