Suicide Note.

  You think that death only comes if you can convince yourself to drive to Ace Hardware to buy a rope that won’t snap at the weight of your fat ass, if you can measure and tie a convincing noose. If you could manage to lasso it around a suitable beam and find a sturdy

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For Bella.

In the beginning, we bought you home in a pink laundry basket. We drove very carefully.  You looked so small, a fragile white ball of fur.  I told you, “Don’t worry, Bella. You’re going home now.”     In the beginning, you were a lot of work. There were vaccinations, the feeding every night at

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I would’ve followed you anywhere, gone above and beyond 35,000 feet. I would’ve flown straight into the sun, put Icarus to shame. I would’ve flown with one broken wing, without a compass, with no bearings. I would’ve fought against crosswinds and rising currents, weather through the turbulence. I would’ve memorized all the time zones, pray every

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