You know, I love talking about food. 

In fact its one of my favorite topics next to cannibalism, the Holocaust, slaughterhouses and mundane things like boys and dresses.

I also love food photography, the kind that turns seemingly ordinary food into masterpieces that makes you wish it was socially acceptable to lick your computer screen at public places. 

But most of all, I love eating good food – be it at a roadside store with no air conditioning or a fine dining restaurant where you pay 100% of the price and they give you 10% of your food on an over-sized plate, I believe that food should be so much more than merely a means of keeping one alive. 

Food, to me, should be admired, from its ingredients to how its plated. So much of the experience of eating should happen even before the first morsel touches your tongue. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive, or the ‘best’ of its range – instead I am more of an advocate of eating to your means. Eat the best that you can afford. Spend on good quality ingredients and have them done right. 

I also believe that we should know how to make simple meals from scratch. That means that instant noodles don’t count. Cooking isn’t difficult, nor is it restricted to a particular gender. Everyone has to eat, so why not learn how to make it yourself?

I guess setting up a food/review blog was imminent sometime in my future anyway. Combining my two loves of eating and writing, this will be the perfect outlet for me to do the one thing that I love. (It’s also a way to show my mum that it pays to be a fussy eater).

sekpaumei.blogspot.com – here’s to taking the first bold step of achieving my lifelong dream of becoming a food blogger.

Wish me luck!

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