Don’t Tell Anyone.

Photo Credit: Allan Wong Photography I was 12 and he was my swimming instructor. We had lessons every Saturday.  He taught me the breaststroke, freestyle and how to somersault underwater. He also taught me how to rub sunscreen on his shoulders, back and thighs. He corrected my diving form and strokes. He also corrected me when

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Validate Me.

Validate me. Look at my grades, my pay slip, the car that I drive. Look at that overpriced degree that I recently obtained from a private university. Tell me that an Arts degree is just as good; that I can be just as successful and live a fulfilling life even if I can’t do Maths

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Last Chinese New Year.

This Chinese New Year, The house is spotless; the windows and ceiling fan cleaned of a year worth’s of dust. Old things have been thrown out, clothes that no longer fit – given away. Worn out mops and brooms, replaced. Out with the old, in with the new. Lanterns and paper cutouts of this year’s

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