What are you doing?

Sewing. Hush. Go back to bed. 


Is it for me?

You can say that. It is to protect you – to make you happy. 


Why are you only using the white thread? It looks so boring. Can I have something more colourful?


White thread hurt the least. When I use white thread, I don’t really mean it. All in good intention.


It’s getting awfully uncomfortable. I don’t like it in here. There is not enough space.

You ask so many questions! This is for your own good. Shhh.


Can I get out now?

Just a tiny bit more. One more try and I promise this time it’ll fit perfectly. Don’t you love me?


Argh! I CAN’T BREATHE! What is this? What have you done?

I just want to protect you, love! I love you! See how I weave this web so you will never get hurt. Just sleep, please just sleep.


Oh, eyes! Why did you betray me? How could I not have noticed the hair on its legs? The bulbous lower body? Its fangs, dripping with poison? How could I have been so blind? Oh god, I’m trapped.


Come here. No! Leave me alone. But this will work. I love you. Stay the fuck away from me! Please please. It’s me love, it’s me. Now we can be together forever, just like you wanted, my Numero uno. 

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