The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.


There is that one person in your life who started out seemingly like everybody else – as a friend whom you wave to as you enter/exit lecture halls, bump into along hallways, and one day grabbed a lunch, a coffee or two, perhaps a movie.

And over time, those two-minute phone calls turn to hours; the late night texts, a habit. The both of you will have everything in common, you will get each other’s puns and inside jokes, finish each other’s sentences, have that knowing glance. You might even have nicknames or spend an inordinate amount of time giving each other ones that’ll never stick.

There’ll be shared meals, hugs, kisses on the cheek. Clothes and secrets will be shared. He/She will always be that person whose shoulder you can cry on, says all the right things, knows the perfect remedy for your heartbreak.

And one day perhaps you will entertain the idea of taking your friendship to another level. Perhaps you will toy with the idea of love.

Perhaps you suddenly decide to view them through a different, more romantic lens.

I mean, that is perfectly fine, it makes so much sense, doesn’t it? It seems almost, natural, for this progression to occur – If they make such great friends, surely they’ll make perfect partners.
Perhaps then you would want to leave this friendzone.




Friendzones are for your safety.

For it is within this imaginary space that you are protected from heartbreaks and disappointments.

Stay within its hallowed walls and you will have no expectations if a text was not replied or a phone call was made three hours late.

Keep close and never step beyond its fabricated boundaries and I promise you that you will not get into petty fights and say hurtful things; the green-eyed monster will elude you, there won’t be issues of infidelity or lack of initiative.

You will never have to live up or compare, perform or tell white lies. There wouldn’t be issues about size or skills nor questions on reflexes or flexibility.

Within the friendzone, there is little or no awkwardness, insults won’t be taken seriously and constructive criticisms are truly constructive. You will never have to buy expensive gifts on certain
days or be wary during the time of the month.
So stay in the friendzone with all the other socially awkward people. It’ll hurt less in the long run.



Honestly, I’d rather be friendzoned than alone.




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  1. Anonymous 3rd October 2012 on 6:18 am Reply

    have you thought about making this into a youtube video?

  2. iaremunyee 3rd October 2012 on 6:22 am Reply

    Hi Anonymous.

    I have never thought about that option but I would love writing a script for one.

    This piece started out as a story to begin with anyway.Perhaps I will. Do you make youtube videos?

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