November 22, 2014.


Today a year ago, we stood before God and made a  promise.

The chapel was quiet, all the other congregants  have left. It was just us and Him.

We sat on the pews, and you pulled out the cue cards you had prepared.

You held my hand, kept your nerves in check, and with God as our witness said;

You promised to be my best friend and support system, to be there through thick and thin.

You promised to weather with me through every storm and anchor me in place.

You promised to be there for the good times and lend a shoulder during the bad.

You promised to stay loyal, faithful and true.

You promised that in me, you would always find solace and a home; that together, we will face all that the world had to throw at us.

You promised to love and cherish me, to make my happiness your priority.

You promised that in one year, you would make me your wife.


Today, I went back to St Francis Xavier.

The chapel was quiet, it was just me and Him.

On the very same pew that you made your vows, I knelt and prayed for you.

I prayed for safety and journey mercy for all your flights. I prayed for happiness and contentment in all that you do. I prayed for success in your future endeavours. I prayed for your health, especially your recurring asthma. I prayed for your family and your siblings. I prayed for your pet dog.

I prayed that your football team will win all their matches. I prayed that you never have to circle more than twice to find a parking spot wherever you go; and a million other minute, unimportant things that you might need in your life.

I prayed for your journey of faith. I prayed for courage and strength so that you may overcome any challenge, big or small. I prayed that you live this life with no regrets. I prayed that you will never forget how blessed and loved you are.

I prayed that in time, you would find someone who would love you much more than I ever could.


Today, I made a vow to myself to learn to be happy again, without you.

Today, I made a vow to be a better person for whomever I will meet in the future.

Today, I decided that three months is long enough to grieve for you.

Today, I made a vow, with God as my witness, to let you go.


It’s not so bad really. You’re only the best I ever had

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  1. anonymous 23rd November 2014 on 10:47 am Reply

    That's love.

  2. Lim Chin Yong 23rd November 2014 on 11:03 am Reply

    A very well-written piece though it was quite sad. I admire your magnanimity for your ex and your courage to move on rather than linger in self-pity. God will bless you!

    Maybe the following quotations can cheer you up:

    "Divorce isn't such a tragedy. A tragedy's staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce."
    ~ Jennifer Weiner, in "Fly Away Home"
    "Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together."
    ~ Anonymous
    "I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken, and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken pieces as long as I lived."
    ~ Margaret Mitchell

    • Allen Chong (Friend of Jackson) 6th December 2014 on 3:31 am Reply

      A very well-written piece reflecting your love towards him… Unfortunately things didnt work out, but thats life, a process that eventually puts you in front of the right one… Be strong!

  3. Anonymous 23rd November 2014 on 11:54 am Reply

    Stay strong… same shit diff people here )

  4. Anonymous 23rd November 2014 on 12:48 pm Reply

    This is a strong woman. God bless you dear. :')

  5. Anonymous 23rd November 2014 on 3:41 pm Reply

    Lousy story, trying to capitalize on the religious crowd. Stale as year old Gardenia bread.

    • iaremunyee 24th November 2014 on 3:28 pm Reply


      You have to stop eating year old Gardenia bread! It will make you sick!

    • Anonymous 24th November 2014 on 6:34 pm Reply

      haha nice one mun yee.

    • Anonymous 26th November 2014 on 2:12 am Reply

      I think its a great post. The person who criticized it has probably never really been in love, nor have any clue what it is.

  6. Roy Martin 23rd November 2014 on 3:42 pm Reply

    Hakuna matata…
    Anyone up for Indomie Instant Noodle? *grin*

  7. 因心 23rd November 2014 on 4:26 pm Reply

    all things happen for a reason, and for a good one. you will be blessed, greatly and abundantly :)

  8. Anonymous 23rd November 2014 on 4:32 pm Reply


  9. Le Buffoon 23rd November 2014 on 5:25 pm Reply

    Hi Mun Yee
    Healing takes time, but eventually you will come to a point where you can move on. I came back from 2 betrayals thanks to my family & closest friends' support. Now I'm married to my beloved wife.
    There are guys out there who understand the essence of relationships & will never cheat/betray even though society tells him it's ok to give in to primal instincts. But they are harder to discover than jerks who seem like great catch at first. You just have to discern through your gut feel, prayers, family & friends helping you assess the guy.
    You mentioned St Francis Xavier so I take it you're a Catholic. Ask Mary to intercede for you. You can try praying the rosary.

    Best regards,

  10. Anonymous 23rd November 2014 on 5:26 pm Reply

    Trust in God for your future relationship.He'll show you the right path to the right person in life. Hope you'll meet a better person than your previous one somewhere in the near future. God bless you :)

  11. A Taste of Memories-- Echo's Kitchen 23rd November 2014 on 7:51 pm Reply

    Hugsss,,,,, Dont know what to say… I have been there… and wrote about it years back… not sure if you read chinese… I share your pain, and I know it is hard to believe now.. but this too, shall pass…


  12. Lachen Minx 24th November 2014 on 2:02 am Reply

    Wow… thnk u.. u gave me courage…i wish i will b like u… so much forgiveness hope and dignity… ìm goin thru a bad break up n u r such an encouragement… not to be bitter

  13. Anonymous 24th November 2014 on 2:23 am Reply

    i've read your beautiful post which resounded with strength every woman should possess, and the courage to move on with past events. i thoroughly enjoyed your literary musings, and i wish you all the best in your future!

  14. HeMz 24th November 2014 on 5:35 am Reply

    The hardest part of holding on is letting go. Letting go means you accept the reality that it is not meant to be and life goes on. It builds your character. Something that you would look back on with a smile and say 'Been There, Done That'.

  15. Stephwangg 24th November 2014 on 5:47 am Reply

    So beautifully written. I hope that time will help you heal eventually. It must be hard, but you are so strong. God will never let you face challenges that you can never overcome. Continue to believe and you will discover so much more ahead of you, waiting for you.

  16. Anonymous 24th November 2014 on 12:16 pm Reply

    I bet my tits this girl/lady must have been the instigator to her very own break up and then paint a false picture by writing a poem that she made the noble sacrifice in letting him go

    • iaremunyee 24th November 2014 on 3:30 pm Reply

      Thank you for your constructive feedback!

      Please do tell me more about how one can orchestrate heartbreak, you seem like the right person to ask for such a niche task!

    • Anonymous 24th November 2014 on 9:12 pm Reply

      I have to agree with you there, this reads like a girl who broke up with a guy, and it took her three months to start seeing him as a human being (Because women are fantastic at treating an ex like they are assholes or like they don't even exist, even if the woman was the one who ended things for a no-fault reason).

    • iaremunyee 25th November 2014 on 1:48 am Reply

      Are you my ex bf, cause dhall-ing, this reads like one.

  17. Anonymous 24th November 2014 on 2:57 pm Reply

    I am overcome with emotions reading your blog. Even though I haven't been through what you are experiencing, I feel so much pain, anguish and love in your words. You write with such ease and I'm hoping the best for you

  18. Steven Choy 24th November 2014 on 3:25 pm Reply

    It's both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply…

  19. Anonymous 25th November 2014 on 2:32 pm Reply

    As the saying goes, "It's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all."

    Keep moving forward. You will get over this as soon as you decide to. <3

  20. Anonymous 26th November 2014 on 6:08 am Reply

    I have been in a worst scenerio…when it happens it is very painful and feel the whole world has come crushing on you..Now i realise whatever happens in our life, it happens for a good reason. Being positive and spiritual helps alot in overcoming the pain…God has plans for us in a better way which you may find it very surprising..what is not meant for you is always taken away and being replaced with what is good for you..Just be strong and move on…life has got so much of good things to offer…never fret..take care and God Bless

  21. Steph Kim 26th November 2014 on 2:45 pm Reply

    I do not know you personally but your post brought tears to my us. I understand how hard it is to let go of someone, and still pray and wish the best for them. It had been six months since my breakup and through it all, the faithfulness of our God's love shines brightly. Continue loving Him : ) You write beautifully by the way

  22. david 26th November 2014 on 5:07 pm Reply

    And there you go. Promises are not meant to be kept. Live real. Live now.

  23. Anonymous 5th December 2014 on 7:52 am Reply

    Beautifully written piece. It really touched my heart. I'm going through a difficult breakup as well. It's tough we all know, but people out there may not understand, all we need is time and the courage to move on. Thanks for being a motivation.

  24. Anonymous 7th December 2014 on 9:54 am Reply

    I admire u strong lady :)
    ur writings inspire me and I learnt its very important to love ourself more than anyone else in this world…becoz at the end of the day most people arent gonna appreciate it anyways. God always has the best plans for us, and especially if we knw we tried our best…there's ntg to fear…stay strong :)

  25. Shu. 7th December 2014 on 2:15 pm Reply

    You write beautifully. Heartbreak is not at all for the fainthearted, but your words are more music to the mind and soul than they are tattered pieces of a broken heart. Keep on writing.


  26. Anonymous 8th December 2014 on 1:59 am Reply


  27. Anonymous 8th December 2014 on 5:52 am Reply

    It's not as simple as that

  28. Dee GEE 9th December 2014 on 5:48 pm Reply

    Hi mun yee,i m a very new follower of your wonderful pieces….i cant help myself from not leaving a comment here after reading your 3 beautiful notes…."thank you", "beneficial friend", and this….stay bold…n keep writting…you are being a really awesome inspiration for so many out there…:)

  29. goh tooan heng 12th April 2015 on 2:05 pm Reply

    It’s only true love that you can pray for him and wish him all the best, love is not about who’s right or who’s wrong. But I do think that he should not have made that vow if you could not make it.
    :))) Look up to the beautiful sky and smile when the world gives you many many many reasons to cry.

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