Bend Over.

Find someone who appreciates the fact that you
have a backbone. That you have principles and beliefs that do not bend at the
slightest hint of pressure. Find someone who doesn’t think that you are stubborn
when you refuse to conform, to yield to please someone else. Find someone who
loves you for taking upon yourself to get what you want in life, rather than
sitting around waiting for something to happen. Find someone who admires your
refusal to accept bullshit and anything less than the best of you. Someone who
takes pride in the fact that you are able to make the hard decisions; to put
yourself on the line for the sake of what you believe in.
But most of all,
Find someone who supports you during
moments when you are spread out too thin, stretched to your hard limits; moments when you
threaten to break.
Find someone who makes you bend over only if you
want to.

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