The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.


He may be richer,
drives a bigger car, owns an even bigger house,
more accomplished,
a more sophisticated palate,
a better family background,
read more self-help books,
smoother with the ladies,
have wittier lines,
able to have more intelligent conversations,
have better handwriting, 
been to more places,
better in sports, 
able to write html codes,
better at baking,
perhaps better at chess, 
better in bed, have a bigger bed,
dances well, and writes songs,
pens poetry and paints masterpieces,
get better grades,
may be a doctor, engineer or businessman,
have a better stamina at holding alcohol,
have more stable moral values and unbending principles,

Yes, there are better people out there. I do not deny that.
But can’t you see that despite it all, I choose to be with you?

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