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Advice For The Next One.

pexels-photo-88444I know you didn’t ask but here’s some advice for the next one:



His lips tastes like his favourite g&t, sometimes of cigarettes and – depending on how hard you kiss him – of blood.

Trace the callouses of his knuckles and if you pay close attention, you will realise that his signature looks different depending on which dominant hand he uses.

Sure his lips are delicious and his hands are nice but above all, he will cause butterflies in your mind.



He will change your goals and for the first time ever, you will find that your life’s ambition is to be the reason behind his crooked smile.

So craft every sentence carefully, do anything anything for that off-chance that he would relax the velcro of his lips to oblige you with one.

Little hint: avoid romantic, cliche lines.



He stares when he thinks you are not looking. Ask him why.

And he would pick something so mundane and overlooked – perhaps the slope of your shoulders – and tell you that it’s beautiful.

Sometimes he stares so intently it feels as if he’s looking right into your soul, leaving you stark naked with all your secrets and deepest desires exposed.



His taste in music will make you weep and you will find yourself coveting his Spotify playlists.

Ask him about his favourite movie or book and watch him struggle to pick one.

Ask him to say your name, fuck ask him to pronounce Jakarta or read you the dictionary.


But he,

His battery is always at 2% so girl, I hope you like being blue ticked.

Never asks about your day – always hitakeyourshirtoffletsplay

He will trip over your heart with a brush of hand and well-practiced lines but he won’t be there to catch you when you fall.

He will ask you to come over and make you leave as the sun comes up, he’ll tell you that it’s work but I think it’s probably because he can’t open up.


He’s the reason why hurricanes are named after people.


I know you didn’t ask for it but here’s some advice for the next one:





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