Sek Pau Mei?

The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.

Midnight Supper Series: Ice Cream

I found our favorite ice cream at the supermarket today. I was going to call and tell you that but then I remembered: I don’t have that privilege anymore. I suppose this happens to those who are left behind. You spend a lot of time typing, retyping texts just to delete them right before you

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Midnight Supper Series: Ramly Burger

  I don’t want sterile, hygienic, latex-gloved. I want disposable cutlery no cutlery use your hands it tastes better. I don’t want healthy organic good for me. I want mayo processed meat go straight to my thighs. I don’t want to drive for hours for Maccas pizza or pub grub with a side of adult

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Midnight Supper Series: French Fries

  “What’s your favorite way to eat fries?” he asked. Some days I like them hot and fresh out of the fryer. I like them when it’s way too hot to eat but still I would reach into that paper bag during that short drive home, impatient to get salt and grease on burnt fingertips.

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