The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.


I am everywhere. 
Even after I am gone; I linger in your hair, on your clothes, your skin.
I get into places you don’t expect me to, I permeate your every nook and cranny. 
I perfume with my heady scent, just enough to make your head spin pleasantly.
I am delightful, familiar, comforting. 
I am everything you could ever want. 
Now that you’ve had a taste. you don’t ever want to be without. 
I understand your impatience, your greed, your need.
I understand because this is my design. 
But you cannot lay claim, you cannot possess, you cannot own
something that’s not yours to begin with
something that is without substance
something that’s not real.
I am everywhere.
But I am not there. 

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