Quid Pro Quo.

For all the times you fed me when I was little; coo’ed and aah’ed so I would eat.

For all the times you rocked me to sleep, and played my favorite lullaby.

For all my favorite foods, never given as a reward – merely given.

For always making too much food so I can have leftovers; saving the best bits for us.

For going out of your way to buy me what I want, even if it meant braving the weather.

For cleaning the house whenever we come by, so we won’t complain about the dust.

For always wanting us to stay at your place, even if its just a day or two, a moment longer.

For the phone calls to ask if I have eaten, though I am always always in a hurry.

For the cooking tips and recipes, though I can never get them right. 

For the angpows during my birthdays, Chinese New Year’s, good grades – no matter the amount.

For being present at graduations, award ceremonies, birthday celebrations – for being so so proud.

For being headstrong and steadfast, loving good food and company.

For the encouragement and advice. And laughing at the way I speak Hakka.

For stories and jokes told too many times.

For loving me and my brother so much, though you never once said it out loud. 

For making me your favorite grandaugther.

For all of that and everything else in between that I have forgotten or over looked.

I want to thank you, I want to repay you – never monetarily – I want to do my part now. 

Please give me a chance to do so. 

Please fight Mama. Please. Please Please.

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  1. aman23 22nd October 2012 on 2:00 am Reply

    Be strong. Things will be alright.

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