I can hear its coming;

The early signs of its procession; despite the distance.

The storm, in all its grandeur and magnificence, is on its way.

Lightning, striking in his golden suit led the way;

Rain, dressed in blue and silver, followed suit, equally breathtaking.

The occasional flash of electric, reminded me of a photographer, not wanting to miss a moment of this beautiful phenomenon.

The wind sang their song; added to the carnival-like atmosphere;

The trees bend and sway to this new music that has begun to grow louder.

Then it came, all at once;

The wind’s cries;
The blinding lightning;
The deafening thunder;

It was almost as if Mother Nature was waging war against mankind.

Justice at last.

I stood in the midst of it all; bracing myself for the grand finale; the pinnacle of the event.

Dear mother; your temper inspires me.


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