Alone Again.

  After you, I had to learn to be alone again.   Like reconciling with stage fright or attempting to ride the bicycle once more, the experience was familiar yet terrifying because it’s been so long and I had forgotten just how to. I take myself out to eat. It was difficult at first – the way the

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2015 Mediocre Goals.

I write new year resolutions every year. And very much like you, I don’t fulfil very many of them but instead, change the date and recycle them for the next year. This year, I want to set more attainable goals. Mediocre but realistic. Lower standards so there is less room for disappointment. Cause all you

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You heard it from the grapevine, caught word on the streets. You are excited, but also worried because of the mixed reviews you heard, read online. “You know she’s got a string of ex-lovers right? They say she’s insane!” But you’ve got to try. You owe it to yourself to at the very least, try. You are

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