Between the Lines.

  I can hear his breathing through the phone – a steady in, out, hesitate.  “It’s late, I should go to bed. Is there anything else?”   I want to know why you keep running back to him. To someone who looks at the time spent with you as a meaningless transaction with a clear-cut

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Lessons from Mummy and Daddy.

Mummy, Daddy When you use your love as a reward for good grades and behaviour, and tie your attention and affection to achievements, you teach me that love is conditional and that it has to earned. So when a boy tells me to prove that I love him by bending over and taking it all in,

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Thighs. (NSFW)

Undress you with my eyes, then my words – there’s no need for hands, Make you bend over, give in to my demands. Give permission to my roving hands, don’t tell me No, allow me to explore: behind, between, above, below.   With the tip of my tongue, I will write poetry on your skin

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