When I was 6,

I wanted the seemingly impossible –

I wanted to be an astronaut, a rock star, a princess!

I was willing to give up my favourite Barbie doll for the chance to be locked up briefly (and rescued swiftly).


When I was 16,

I wanted the seemingly impossible –

I wanted to be Miss Popular, the centre of attention, to date the prettiest boy in school.

I was willing to give up the grades, friends that won’t stab you in the back for the slight chance to be click-bait material.


Today at 26,

I still want the seemingly impossible.

I want to be me.

I just want to be me, but happy.


I am willing to do anything, anything.

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  1. ThatOneCheesyGuy 19th February 2017 on 3:38 am Reply

    At 36,
    Your daughter would be listening to her father reading stories written by you?

  2. Max 23rd February 2017 on 6:08 am Reply

    Perhaps having all that seemingly impossible things won’t make you happy. Perhaps obtaining those seemingly impossible things is not enough to make you happy. Perhaps there are other ways to be happy and you will discover your happiness one day maybe

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