Bring Me To Life.

An angel, she treads on the cold heartless land;
In search for a lost soul she could save from the damned,
She walked along a lonely path, with her wings folded back;
She searched, yet she couldn’t find, for he was not alive yet.

She stumbled on a hand; she stops in her tracks;
The hand was cold, dead and black;
She realized then that it was a man;
The owner of the cold, black hand.

She is curious, intrigued by what she had found;
She wanted to speak to it, but alas she can make no sound;
Her fingers traced his face; taking in every detail;
And for the first time in 16 years, she noticed something different in this male.

She should not waste time; there is work to be done;
And with that, she shone as bright as the morning sun;
She only needs to touch him, that’s all it needs;
But instead, the angel of light kissed his lips.

The effect was immediate, the warmth slowly creep;
It began to melt the heart that was frozen so deep;
The kiss of life was powerful and true;
He woke up and whispered “Thank you”.

The angel finds herself staring into his mysterious eyes;
And she prayed that she was not dreaming, that this isn’t a lie;
His hands found hers; she shudders at his touch;
Their hands fit perfectly, though the differences was much.

When they made love, it was a beautiful thing;
All around the flowers bloom, the birds began to sing;
Love filled the land; and evil had no place to run;
For light and darkness has become one.

As they lay spent, a voice boomed from the clouds;
“You can’t be with him! You are not allowed!”
“But I love him! Give me the freedom to choose!”
“If you continue your ways, the gift of life you will lose!”

Take it then, the gift of life, my wings, take it all away;
As long as by his side I can stay;
This is the story of the fall of an angel;
One who gave up immortality to be with a mere mortal.

Yet she never had regrets to this very day;
Once I asked why and she says;
I would do anything for him, can’t you tell?
Even if saving him meant eternal damnation in hell.



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