The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.



You wanted to meet today, but I said No.

You wanted to know why not.

Here’s why.


It’s because your love is cruel.

Your promises are cleverly-disguised lies and I am sick of your excuses, your maybes, your reasons why.

It’s because I’ve learned that love isn’t about the right of way, the amount of effort I’ve put in, or the fact that I’ve stood in line for so long.

It’s not about merit or how much you give.

I would know – I have given you my all but I am not the guy you’re taking home.

It doesn’t matter that I have played by your rules all along because I still get disqualified in this race to love you.


You asked for flowers, I gave you flowers.

You asked for space, I gave you space.

But when I ask for your love, you returned the flowers.


You asked me why didn’t I want to meet today.


It’s because you’re better at moving on, better at pretending that all of this and all of me don’t matter.

I am not and I refuse to be your back up plan, your temporary fix. Forgotten and ignored until it is convenient for you.

You might treat me like dirt but I am a person! A living, breathing person with dignity and pride who deserves to be loved just as hard as I’ve loved you.


I wished you’d taught me how to live without you, how to give you up.

It’s been difficult and I’d only just learnt how to exorcise you.

Please don’t haunt me anymore.

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  1. Xenovista 16th December 2016 on 3:19 pm Reply

    I think it might break your heart to learn just how many men (women too) feel this way as they stumble their way through relationships.

    Men and women need each other. We live in a world that demands it otherwise.

    I don’t understand why, but this little poem gave me a little hope again. Maybe because someone out there could express what I have tired to so hard, only to fall on deaf ears and be rebuked with grief for my trouble.

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