What Work Will Do To You.

1. You will hold onto your waistline like you would onto dear life. I am not kidding you. Work will make you hungry all the time. Perhaps its the lethal combination of stress and boredom, but you will stuff your face. There will be company-wide tea breaks with infinite amounts of kuih that you would

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We Need To Talk.

We need to talk.  I need to tell you about my day; whether it was good or bad. I need to tell you about the petty things that happened. Things such as who cut me off or what I had for lunch. I want to ask you about your day too. I want you tell

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On Your Birthday.

On your birthday, I want you to know that I am very thankful that you were victorious in the race of life and that you edged out the rest of your potential siblings. I thank the higher powers that you did not perish in a wad of crumpled tissue or got swallowed. I thank God

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