I went to see a psychiatrist today. A shrink, a doctor of the mind, a second opinion.   I wanted to plead insanity. I wanted someone to tell me that it’s not biologically possible for me to be truly happy, that I can’t help all of this sadness. Tell me that I am the byproduct

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One Million.

Last week I was part of a music video that went viral across the country. My second taste of Internet fame since the infamous Anus of Satan article. We had three people, a limited budget and even less singing talent but we hit 1.5million views in a span of three days. The local newspaper called

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I spent so many nights convincing a boy to love me. To affirm that I am:   beautiful. but not in an intimidating way friendly. but not too friendly that I come across as easy quirky. but in a unique, rather than a socially awkward kinda way ambitious. almost stubborn in my goals yet grounded

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