The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.

Thighs. (NSFW)


Undress you with my eyes, then my words – there’s no need for hands,

Make you bend over, give in to my demands.

Give permission to my roving hands, don’t tell me No,

allow me to explore: behind, between, above, below.


With the tip of my tongue, I will write poetry on your skin

haikus, sonnets, an ode to all the places I’ve been.


Frame my face with your thighs,

When I lean in, I want to hear you sigh.

I’ll kiss both set of lips to the beat of your hammering heart,

protest when I stop cause you can’t bear even a moment apart.


Like the sun, I’ll rise above you and align us hip to hip,

With every thrust, make dirty verbs escape your lips.

Blur the lines between pleasure and pain,

muffle your screams when you use the Lord’s name in vain.


I will bring you to the summit, push you over the edge, and listen to your shatter,

hold you as you are rocked, buffeted by waves of pleasure.

I want to feel every tremor, every shake, I want to watch your eyes roll back and toes curl in delight,

You might ask me to stop or to keep going –


Beg me.

And I just might.



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  1. AlanABQ 14th October 2016 on 4:57 am Reply

    That. Was. AMAZING!

  2. STD. | iaremyne. 12th March 2017 on 8:24 pm Reply

    […] next time you try to fuck away the lonely, to deem yourself worthy of being happy […]

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