In my future home, I would have bookshelves that reached the ceilings. So many books that one would need a ladder to get from one end to the other. The smell of parchment and leather. Dim lighting and pillows for the reading corner. Tea. Earl grey with brown sugar – lots of brown

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    There is something about waking up beside you, To find your hand interwoven between mine or your arm around me Almost as if you were afraid that the night might steal me away   There is something about waking up beside you, To watch you deep in slumber, In a tangle of sheets,

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  What are you doing? Sewing. Hush. Go back to bed.  iveneverhadfeelingsforher.werefriends.closefriends.iveneverhadherover.thatisnothersweater.idonttextheranymore.neverlovedher. Is it for me? You can say that. It is to protect you – to make you happy.  noimnotoutwithher.noshehasnevergonetomyplace.noiveneverwalkedherhome.yesimonthewayback.cabtakesforever. Why are you only using the white thread? It looks so boring. Can I have something more colourful?   White thread hurt the least.

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