What Work Will Do To You.

1. You will hold onto your waistline like you would onto dear life. I am not kidding you. Work will make you hungry all the time. Perhaps its the lethal combination of stress and boredom, but you will stuff your face. There will be company-wide tea breaks with infinite amounts of kuih that you would be forced to take part in. And the siren call of that snacks cabinet? Let’s see you resist that. 

In fact, just typing that made me hungry. 

Hold on, let me get a piece of kuih.

2. You’d appreciate money more. And no, I am not talking about having this sudden epiphany about the rising costs of living and petrol. Rather, you now understand that you need to work really  hard to earn that Starbucks coffee. 

Do you know how many hours I’d have to sit in an air-conditioned office and pretend to work in order to get a grande Frappucino? 

3. You will sleep considerably earlier then when you were studying. Gone are the late nights spent prowling the weird parts of Youtube and stalking your ex’s profile. Sleep will become a luxury; a commodity your hard-earned money can never buy. 

Now given a choice between a night of mind-blowing, ground shaking coitus with a handsome stranger or sleep, you would thank the guy for the generous offer and send him back home so you could have the whole bed to yourself. 

In fact, just typing this made me sleepy *yawn*

4. You will get a lot of emails. And you will be spending a lot of your time wading through junk and spam. There will be some important ones but mostly are about things that do not concern you. But I will argue that being CC’ed an important email (albeit by accident) does greatly increase one’s self esteem.

Not to mention those offers of Affordable Boners and Find Sluts in your Area! are such a joy to read. 

5. You will now have to put in a lot more effort in maintaining your relationships. Romantic and otherwise. You will have to make that phone call and plan the meetups no matter how tired you are. You will have to text your best friend and send your boyfriend emails during your toilet breaks. 

You will try. You will have to try in order to keep them close. You will try because you love them. You will try because the consequences of doing otherwise isn’t something you can live with.

6. You will at times forget, in the midst of all of these adult things, about yourself. About your health and the things that you used to love. Perhaps you used to love reading or food blogging. Perhaps you used to like going for runs or pamper yourself with spas or facials.

All of the things that once you start working, you’ve had no time for. 

I hope you always take time out for you. No matter how brief. I hope you always remember that you are important; that your health and happiness isn’t something that can be replaced by material wealth. 

Work may take away a lot of things, but I pray that you will never ever lose the things that are important to you. 

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