The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.

You Are Not What I Wanted.

When I asked God for someone, I didn’t have you in mind. I have always loved big gestures. So I wanted someone who would move mountains and rearrange the constellations to spell my name. I wanted them to make it rain or shine whenever it fancied me. I wanted someone who would train a hundred pigeons

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All That He Doesn’t Do.

It’s easy to judge a man by the things that he does.   Does he buy you flowers and remember important dates? Is he punctual, does he value your time or does he keep you waiting? Does he pull out, chairs or otherwise? Is he addicted to your laughter and deeply regrets your tears?  

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My Perfect (Social Media) Life.

I curate my perfect social media life. You won’t find a single negative Tweet of Facebook update. Only happy things, a momentous occasion or another achievement that would make my Asian parents proud. You won’t read about the relationship status changed for the hundredth time, or the fact that I can’t find help to fight the

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