Thank You.

  Image from theneotraditionalist.com How do I thank you, when you took the time out of the whirlwind of your working and study lives to drop me a message through email or Facebook? How do I thank you, when you spared a moment at home, at work or during your commute to craft messages filled with

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November 22, 2014.

  Today a year ago, we stood before God and made a  promise. The chapel was quiet, all the other congregants  have left. It was just us and Him. We sat on the pews, and you pulled out the cue cards you had prepared. You held my hand, kept your nerves in check, and with

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Beneficial Friendship (Door).

  I will call you and we will meet. The location doesn’t really matter as long as the sheets are clean. The meeting point will be at an inconspicuous café across the street. When you arrive tactfully ten minutes early, we can perhaps make attempts at small talk, work the weather. Push open those glass doors; walk

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