Absence is a horrible thing.

It makes you irritable and annoyed at the little things.

It makes you restless and distracted and your assignment word count stay the same.

It takes away your inspiration and motivation to cook and clean.

It makes you want to curl up in bed the whole day in your pajamas.

It makes you want to eat alot of junk food then complain about your weight.

It turns you into a stalker, where you check his Facebook every 15 minutes.

It makes you check your phone for missed calls/texts

It causes you to come up with the dumbest excuses just to call him.

It makes you re-read past conversations and messages for the millionth time.

It makes you look out your front gate – hoping he’ll be there.

It makes you listen to sappy love songs.

It makes you write blog posts like these.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder – like it’s a good thing.


I swear that every time you walk away, a part of me dies

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