My iPhone Date.

I know full well that I cannot compare to her. She’s slim and lightweight with curves in all the right places. She takes better photos, is constantly updated with the latest news and has a better sense of direction. I know that many guys who would gladly pledge their left testicle just to own her. 

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You Shouldn’t Have Made Me Love You.

You shouldn’t have made me love you. You really shouldn’t have. I wished instead of sitting down and having a conversation, you’d just walk by. If I could pause, rewind to the moment when we crossed these socially constructed boundaries, I would. I would stop you right at the summit before the proverbial fall. I

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An Open Letter To My Parents.

Dear Mum and Dad, I hope this letter finds the both of you in happiness and the best of health. At this point of writing, I am a week away from turning 21. I like to think that for the past 20 years of my life I have tried my utmost best to be the daughter

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