Goodbyes, despite what you think, is a lot shorter than it really is.

It is not dragged on and stretched out or dramatic like what you see in the movies.

There are no lingering stares or touches, or too many hugs and inconsolable tears. It’s more idle chatter about things like unifi and trivial things to skim around the looming departure. Rather, it’s more repeated phrases such as, “You should eat something before you, you know – go”. There

There isn’t a million pictures, and you tend to avoid looking at each other. It’s more like one picture, which we both probably look bad in, a hug, a care pack changes hands, another hug, a little bit more of loitering around, that last look of your face, that lump in the back of my throat, what do I say now? and the threat of tears.

And then goodbye – that awkward wave. And that’s it.

But if there is anything that we can draw parallel to those cliche movie scenes is this – that walk back to the entrance, alone – when just a moment ago I had you right beside – hurts like a bitch.


Goodbye Bestie. See you in 3 months.

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