Beneficial Friendship (Door).


I will call you and we will meet.

The location doesn’t really matter as long as the sheets are clean.

The meeting point will be at an inconspicuous café across the street. When you arrive tactfully ten minutes early, we can perhaps make attempts at small talk, work the weather.

Push open those glass doors; walk up to the counter together, but not quite. You would tactfully pay the overnight rate though the seemingly disinterested cashier girl and we both know otherwise – this wouldn’t last more than a few hours.

Tap the key card. Listen to the robotic beep promising a false sense of security.


But before you enter,


Leave yourself at the door. Leave your personality by the threshold of the room. Take off your likes and dislikes, dreams and fears.  I don’t want to know what your favourite colour is; what makes you laugh, what makes you cry.

Don’t tell me about your beliefs and principles. When it comes to your God, it matters not if there is more than one or if you believe in none.

Be static; an uninteresting sum of body parts, devoid of distinguishable marks. Don’t tell me what caused that scar or whom that tattoo was meant for. Be a uniform, mass-produced, manufactured, artificial product. Homogeneous and predictable in every form and manner.

Bring nothing through the door that I may remember you by.


Foreplay is optional; there is no need to waste time in coaxing each other to a place we both want to go. We will go through the motions, the well-practised moves.  I will time my moans and sighs just right.

Don’t worry – you won’t be able to tell if I am faking it.

But in and throughout, call me no affectionate names. You can however, use something derogatory and predictable.

No, I will not refer to you as my father.

Run your hands over every inch of me, but memorise nothing. Explore every space and crevice but leave no marks, claim nothing. Kiss me nowhere unpredictable; don’t whisper sweet nothings into my ear.

When you finish, do not offer to cuddle or lie next to me.

I don’t need to hear how good it was, or if I was the best you ever had. You don’t have to make false promises to call me next week, or that we should do this again. This whole thing already reeks of bullshit, we need not add to the steaming pile.


You will come prepared with an excuse and have to leave. I won’t question it. I will feign despair at your hasty departure. But you will insist and I will relent.

You will dress yourself – No, I won’t help. Gather your things, comb your hair – leave no evidence but a used foil packet and crumpled sheets tinged with regret.

At the door, there will be neither handshakes nor awkward hugs. No transactions, be it affectionate or monetary.


You came through the door with nothing, you will leave with nothing.

Walk out the door.

Don’t look back.

How many must I get under before I get over you?



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  1. M.d.Ernest 19th November 2014 on 11:24 pm Reply

    Is been a while to just read vivid images than seeing one..thanks for the imagination

  2. Chun Keat 24th November 2014 on 4:11 am Reply

    Its ok to have distraction especially at downtime, to keep yourself occupied. But dont lost for too long.cheers.

  3. Felix Chia 24th November 2014 on 3:12 pm Reply

    Dear Mun Yee,

    I chanced upon your blog via your latest post on Facebook. You write very well. I hope this came from your imagination and not an experience. Is there a "Subscribe" button for your blog?

    Hope you're feeling better already. Our experiences, no matter the outcome will help with our future. It teaches us a common lesson. We're Only Human. Take heart and shoulder on!


    • iaremunyee 25th November 2014 on 6:21 am Reply

      Hi Felix

      Thank you for your kind words :) The subscribe list is at the bottom of the page! You can also follow my public posts on Facebook to get updates when I post something new.

      Hope this helps! Thank you for reading.

  4. Anonymous 25th November 2014 on 5:29 am Reply

    i feel as if i were your thoughts. is this story real? i really hope it isn't, poor girl.

  5. Anonymous 25th November 2014 on 3:24 pm Reply

    Hi Mun Yee,

    Are you seriously looking for a beneficial friedship?

  6. Apple 14th April 2015 on 12:02 pm Reply

    Your writing for this article broke me.

    Thank you for that, I needed the emotional breakdown badly.

  7. anonymous 12th June 2015 on 7:54 am Reply

    Take care.

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