Cupid, next time hit both.


I am not an actor, neither am I a star

I drive an old beat-up car
I do not have an engineering, law or medicine degree
I wouldn’t even say that I am particularly pretty
I am not all that charitable or very kind
I tend to (more often than not) cross the line
I am not girly and I hate soft toys
I spend way too much time hanging out with boys
I say that I can sing – but I always go off-key
I have no talent whatsoever musically
I am a closet poet, I love to read and write
These (supposed) masterpieces are my joy and pride
I am impatient, stubborn and suffer from minor road rage
I am too childish for my 21 years of age
I eat like a cow and hate exercise
I specialise in the field of telling white lies
I have issues with trust
But I’ve been told that I am good with sucking… dust
I am in no way better than her, her or her
But perhaps, despite it all,
You’d still want to take a shot at forever.

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  1. Anonymous 30th June 2012 on 1:14 am Reply

    can i post on my wall…Tq


  2. iaremunyee 1st July 2012 on 2:48 pm Reply


    Thank you :)

    Sure you can – just put the link


    Do visit again soon :)

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