Once upon a time, there was a prince.

Who fought his way through the thicket and braved the seas
Aboard his white horse, clad in his shining armour

He slew the fearsome dragon with his mighty sword,
Overcame every obstacle with wit of mind and strength of body.

In pursuit of the fairest maiden of them all.

But when he finally got to her,

He called for her to let down her hair, but she refused,
He brought her the other glass slipper but she said it did not quite fit,
He offered her a ride om his magic carpet but she said that she was scared of heights,
He promised her a new world, even a pair of legs, but she did not want any gifts,
He kissed her on her lips but she did not stir from her slumber. 

I have done everything, everything for you; to win your heart.
Isn’t this enough?
Am I not enough?

It’s not you. 
It’s never you.

I just don’t want to be rescued.

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