I spent so many nights convincing a boy to love me.

To affirm that I am:


beautiful. but not in an intimidating way

friendly. but not too friendly that I come across as easy

quirky. but in a unique, rather than a socially awkward kinda way

ambitious. almost stubborn in my goals yet grounded in values and principles


I spent so many nights trying to make a boy laugh.

Did everything I could so that he would relax the velcro of his lips and indulge me with a smile.

I opened up, showed him parts of me usually kept hidden. Laid all my cards on the table, gambled with my heart.


I spent so many nights trying to convince a boy that the amalgamation of all the things that make up me are worth loving.


Today he told me that we are probably better off as friends because





And that’s alright, I suppose.

It stings a little, but not too bad. Nothing that time, alcohol and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour cannot fix.

So yeah, sure we can be friends.

I just wished you’d told me earlier cause I want my damn sleep cycle back.

If you love someone, let them sleep

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  1. Deedee 7th April 2017 on 6:51 am Reply

    I love your writing! I enjoyed reading the way you form your sentences the way you build your story the way you describe things and it must have been so much fun going through all the thought processes picking the right words that perfectly expresses your thoughts and it must be almost exhilarating to put down that last full stop and then having an afterthought and adding/deleting words again to sharpen it a little more. I understand because like you I love to write as well. But just out of curiosity – what do you write for?

  2. xiu 25th June 2017 on 10:34 pm Reply

    i deserve my sleep now. love ur pieces

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