Letter to Myself.

Hello gorgeous.

Look at you,still looking as smashing as you did when you were a fresh-of-the-boat twenty one year old.
I am writing this letter with the hopes that upon reading it perhaps when gravity has robbed you of all that is perky  serves as a reminder of who you were before life, work, family and all the grown up things tainted your pure, innocent soul (well, what’s left anyway).

I hope that you remain that brave girl that people have come to fear love. That no matter how many people stand against you, you choose to hold to your principles and beliefs. That you never allow anyone or any circumstance to bend you against your will. Conquer your fears, break out of your comfort zone.Aim high, no matter how afraid of you are of heights.

I pray that you still subscribe to your acquired sense of humor – the one that gets you into trouble with the religious and sensitive people? That one. I hope that you still make those inappropriate jokes and laugh at yourself.

I hope the world hasn’t made you bitter or made you stop believing.This is gentle reminder for you to always take time out to do something enjoyable and utterly unproductive. Always find time, no matter how impossible it may seem, to do the things you love. Be it writing or reading that book you’ve been putting off. All the things that you said you wanted to do?

Go do them.

I hope you achieve the successes that your twenty-one year old self had dream of. But in pursuing the things ahead, I hope  you never forget the things that truly matter. Always be thankful, for the little things and the people around you.

Love as fiercely and as bravely as you do now. No holds barred, in your face kind of love. If you’re in love now, this is a reminder for you to hold on, to look at the bigger picture, to keep your temper at check and to love completely and unconditionally. I hope that you do everything in your power to keep him (or her) and that they do the same for you.

And if you’re alone, don’t give up. That (almost) perfect person is out there. They are just really good at hiding.

But most importantly, I want you to always remember that you are worth it. You are worth every success, every compliment. You deserve to be as happy as you could possibly be, not because of your grades or your achievements. Simply because you are.

I want you to know that I love you, that you are beautiful. And sure you may not have the biggest this or the thinnest that, I want you to never forget that you are.

And at times when you feel scared, demotivated and alone; those days that seem to go on forever and all seems lost, I hope you never give up on you. Stay strong. It’ll all be alright at the end.

Trust me. I am never wrong, remember?




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