Your 7-11 God.

Isn’t God convenient? 

He’s always there when you need Him to be and when you don’t; He can be conveniently stowed away, forgotten, ignored until you need His service. 

Isn’t God convenient?

When your life crumbles before you and all seems to be lost, you cry, fall to your knees and offer fervent prayers. On the flip side, you could curse and swear, blaming Him for every downfall, every mistake. 

And when all is well, there are only a smattering of thanksgiving, perhaps a casual mention here and there. 

Isn’t God convenient?

During the important dates like Christmas and Easter, you show up in church, take your usual seat, go through the well rehearsed motions and ask for blessings.

Oh, bless my family, my love life, my studies, my dog, my cat. Bless me with a new house, a bigger car, bigger chest

I know its quite a list,but this is only the fourth time this year that I’m here in church. You’d understand right?

Isn’t God convenient?

You meet a guy you like. Oh God must have chosen him for me. No matter that he and I have nothing in common and our parents disagree, God made him specially for me. 

Then when you break up, you plague your Twitter and Facebook with updates like: God must have a better plan, He has someone else in mind, this was a test, a trial of my faith. Jesus FTW. 

Isn’t God convenient? 

Perhaps you do badly in your degree and hated your course. Then you tell people that God told you to work in church or quit your studies midway to go to some Him-forsaken town to do missionary work. 

Or when asked why you dropped Engineering, the reason was that God would much prefer if you worked as a salesperson or a dishwasher. Cause we can never have too many God fearing dishwashers now can we?

Isn’t God convenient?

When you commit every single one of the 7 deadly sins, the only time you would say His name is when you’re on your back.

Perhaps you cut it really close with a drug overdose or you finally realize that the guy only talks to you to get you into your pants, you go crawling back to Him like the prodigal son in His book that you never read. 

Isn’t God convenient?

Now if only He would hurry with those blessings…

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