I am sorry but there is no medication for heartbreak.

Went to the doctor’s today, had to wait for a bit, Nurse told me to sit back – the doctor’s running late. The doctor came in, a little over nine, Apologized, said she got caught up, and did not see the time. She sat me down, told me to breathe in, breathe out, Took a

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Why? – I’ve asked myself the same question countless of times. You told me once – it seemed like a lifetime ago – that you would die for me. Take a bullet to the brain like Bruno Mars would. But aren’t those just words commonly professed by couples in love? Aren’t those merely words? _____________________________________________________ They have never

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Went to my very first one today – my maternal grandfather’s. The experience made me realise a few things:   That the person lying in the coffin will look nothing like the person you knew; That some people are afraid to look, while others are indifferent; That it reunites a broken family; That people lie – to

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